Friday, December 24, 2010

Interview With Delaney - Fashion Blogger

I have a great moment with one of my blogger friend. We share each other story and these she wants to tell us all.. :)

Tell me a little bit about your daily activity?

Being a minor, I go to school six hours, five days a week. At home, after a few hours of homework (with numerous distractions), I relax on the couch, blogging, emailing, or, I must admit, Facebooking.  On weekends, I bop around, sometimes going shopping downtown or going out to lunch.

How do you find blogging can support your career?

Right now I make no money off of my blog, but I do hope in the future I might. It certainly would be nice.


What is the most interesting thing about the fashion world to you?

I guess it would be the fast-paced change of it all. When I watch a documentary about fashion, I am always amazed as to how quickly and with what ease things change. Within a day, models are cast, new trends are "out" or "in" and countless decisions are made. Also, with each season comes a new wave of trends and styles that makes things almost impossible to track. It's fascinating.

Who is your fashion idol? Why do you idolize him/her?

Just one? That's impossible for me! I idolize people like Bianca Jagger and Coco Chanel for bringing their own twist to the fashion world. But I also idolize photographers like Scott Schuman and Yvan Rodic for bringing street style to me and other fashion lovers around the world. I get more inspiration from street style bloggers than anyone else, probably because it is one of those "from the people, for the people" kinds of things.

What is one dream of yours that has not been fulfilled?

Well, I have numerous! One big dream of mine is to go to Columbia University in New York in a couple of years. I have no idea what I want to study (probably journalism), but I know NYC would be the perfect backdrop to my new life.

What is on your mind when you wake up in the morning? What is your big plan for each day?

Almost everyday I have something in particular on my mind when I wake up. Morning is my most productive time, so I often make a list in my head. Be it snapping some shots of an outfit or just toasting a bagel, I almost always have a goal.

What are your hopes for your future in fashion?

I simply hope I have one. I hope fashion is not a thing that I will grow out of or learn to dislike. I hope it will always be apart of my life.

Special thanks to Delaney for her time..

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! : Johannes Niermann

In this special day I would love to say "Happy Birthday" to Johannes Niermann. I made these various birthday cards special for him to celebrate his happy day today. Hope you like it.. :))



Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Interview With Nick Hissom Part 2

Nick Hissom will share you his story again. I believe Nick always has fascinating story to tell. Just check it out to find out more about his recent activities.

What so special about your mother agency? Why you want to be part of it?

My Mother Agency is called The Talent Net, and the head of the agency Claudette couldn't be sweeter. We speak most days and she is always nurturing towards me and I'm sure is the same towards all of her models! It's a small agency, but it allows everyone to be like a big family!

How many agency you belong with and in which cities are they? Tell me which one is the best from all?

I recently signed with MandP in London, otherwise The Talent Net is managing me for placements globally.

Your recent work for Frillr magazine? How does it feel to work with Fabien Montique?

Fabien is a great guy, very inspirational and very relaxed when working. Everyone on set felt very at ease and Joseph Blue (who I have also worked with) was kind enough to be on set to help with the direction and styling of the video shoot.

Have you plan for traveling somewhere else? Where will you be?

I'm going back home to London for Thanksgiving, I'm so excited to see all of my friends and family!

You might have met people from different background, different country and culture, how to connect the difference between you and them?

I believe that when you meet someone from a different background/country/culture than you that is an opportunity to learn. My boarding school in Switzerland was over 90% international students and a very tight-knit community, so I was able to take full advantage of being surrounded by such a diverse group of people.

When you’re back to college (or home), what’s your friend said about you?

I never ask! I know that my friends and family are always supportive of whatever I do!

Special Thanks to Nick Hissom for taking his time in our interview..


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Markus Riva Talked About His Latest Single "QUIZ"

This is my second interview with Markus Riva about the release of his latest single QUIZ. I felt delightful to have another opportunity to interview him and I'd love to share the story with you all.

Tell me about the concepts of your latest single Quiz? The messages you try to tell to your listener?

The song QUIZ is the 2nd single of my soon-to-be-released CD "Songs from NYC" and it is electro pop song with also Latvian version "Kā Tevi Sauc". The song, like all the 12 other tracks from new CD, is inspired by the New York and QUIZ tells a quite simple story about being rich and being lonely. If you have brand clothes, latest MacBook and VIP status everywhere you go (just to have a status, all-eyes-on-you, brilliants etc.) that doesn't mean that you are happy - "no one to share, no one to wake up with - morning is like a quiz, you loose - you win". And this song definitely is not about one-night stands.

Where did you film the clip? Are you doing all the editing process or you have any team with you?

We filmed the video during my stay in NYC last summer with fashion photographer Lars Weber from Germany. I had the industrial vision of the video so Brooklyn was a perfect location to shoot. But the editing process was made in Riga with my production company. We also came up with the idea to make a 3D version of this video so it is also now the first Latvian 3D music video. There are so many 3D movies now so we thought, it would be great to make a 3D music video.

You've changed your hair cut Markus, what kind of style is that?

I changed the hair style with "Strogonovs" company which is one of the most prominent hair saloon in Riga. I am a face of the saloon and face of their marketing campaign. At first it was crazy idea to go blonde, but now I am fine with that and satisfied. Being one of the most fashionable artists in Latvia I have to do more and more crazy things so the hair color probably is just a good start. I have also been nominated for the Most Stylish musician in Latvia for OE TV Music Video awards (also for best song and best video (both for "Love to you"), in total 4 nominations) and was nominated for the Latvian Style and Fashion award this February. So I should keep going!

In the video you changed your outfit from white to black, any meaning for that?

In the video I had more ideas but we were short of time to do all that crazy ideas so we actually sticked to quite simple things. Black and white thing was to symbolize 2 contrasts like loose - win, good - bad, black - white and so on. Life is like that - sometimes there is gray too but in general we are happy - we are sad, we smile - we cry. And we tried to do some old-school stuff with the video effects. And the song in general is inspired by the classical electro pop music.

In which album we can find this single?

This song will be featured my second studio album "Songs From NYC".

Big thanks to Markus Riva for the share with us.


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Joseph Edney

Last year I made this B-card for Joseph Edney on his birthday. He reminds me about my journey of fashion during his career as a model. He became faces for many shows in his time. Today, I'd love to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Joe Edney..

See his video along with Johan Van Der Hilst

Taras Koltun shares the same birthday with Joe Edney.

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

In A Glimpse : Jogja Java Carnival 2010

Jogja Java Carnival for the first time was held in 2008. This year, the carnival was opened on 16 October 2010 and took routes from Malioboro street, Ahmad Yani street, Trikora street, and ended at North Square of Jogjakarta Palace. The carnival was in form of celebration for the 254th anniversary of Jogjakarta. This night carnival was the first ever been held in Indonesia and only in Jogjakarta. The spectacular show was supported by technology, forms composition, various colors and sparkling lights. Local artists from Jogjakarta, Indonesia and from overseas like Thailand and Suriname, united in this spectacular show and create a harmony.. Harmony of the night and only happened here in Jogjakarta. 

In a glimpse about Jogjakarta. During the Dutch Colonial, The Kingdom of Mataram was separated into Jogjakarta and Surakarta kingdom through Gianti agreement in 1755. Jogjakarta as an autonomous kingdom having recognition by the government of the Republic of Indonesia during the independence of this republic in 1945. President Soekarno announced a decree for Jogjakarta to become special region because of its king and people’s helping hand for the independence of the republic. Jogja is a special region which still keeping its tradition and become a province with autonomy on it.

Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X, both the king of Jogjakarta and the governor of Jogja Province itself, has autonomous power to lead his kingdom due to fact that Jogjakarta inherited a very rich culture and tradition that should be preserved and become identity of Indonesia as a country with cultural riches.

The harmonight theme of this carnival divided into 3 sub themes, consist of Human Harmony (harmonious life with human being), Universe Harmony (harmonious life with nature) and Heaven Harmony (harmonious life with God as the creator).


For more about Jogja Java Carnival 2010, please visit its official site.

All pictures are the courtesy of Jogja Java Carnival 2010.


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Markus Riva

Last month I still remember about our last interview, and today, Markus Riva just had his birthday. I made this special for him to celebrate his 24th birthday today. I'm wishing you a Happy Birthday Markus Riva!!.. Wish you all the best and success always for you..

Models who share the same birthday with Markus :
Gregory Van Maris and Alexander Dunstan.


Thursday, September 30, 2010

Another Dress With Motifs - Part 1

Motifs are always fascinating for me.. In this dress I combine white satin and gold chiffon altogether. The motifs are the combination of gold, dark and lighter brown.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Interview With Markus Riva

Multitalented singer, songwriter, producer, actor, model Award winning pop singer, composer, host of tv shows and contests, actor and model Markus Riva share his story to me. Following his career really fascinating and inspiring me, and I hope he could inspire you too. Check out our conversation...


You’re multitalented guy.. How did you start all of your successful career?

Thank you! I started my career when I was 4. Of course, professionally it started when I was around 16 and finally realized what I want to do in my life. I have studied music since 6 and there haven’t been any other options to be considered. Music is my life. Music is my wife. I wake up with music and I have sex with that.

Beside Riga Fashion Week, you have another show in different country?

I like to do modeling but it is kind of secondary thing in my life. I started my fashion career when I was 18 and had a long hair. One of Latvian designers looked for that type of models and she contacted me. It was very interesting and not hard at all. So I have been involved in countless fashion projects after that. Now I am signed with Models International in NY. 


Who’s your fave Latvian designer?

I have great experience with designer Indra Salcevica (Salt). We are close friends and she is so talented. She has a great view and ideas. We have worked together for almost three years. Also, I really enjoy works by Anita Altmane, and also London-based Latvian designer Keita. Her shows in Riga Fashion Week are outstanding.

People who really influence your life?

My friends. Definitely. I have great friends and their life inspires me a lot. Unknown people. I like to sit and watch them walking by. Then I can create my own stories about them, even they could be absolutely wrong. David Bowie, James Dean, Woody Allen, and old Hollywood are icons to me too.

Have you ever found fans yell at you on the streets because you are famous?

Sometimes. But I am listening my iPhone all the time on the streets so mostly I can hear Bjork yelling in my ears.

If you have a chance to turn back time, in which period you like to return to?

College years. I had the best college – the Choir School of Riga Dom Cathedral. We were 6 people in class so It was a private school and I really enjoyed to study all the music subjects. It was time when dreams were made. And still I am sticking to the same dreams. Blessing.

You really love music.. Ever conducting for choir or orchestra?

I studied choir conducting and even if it is not my choice of life it was great experience. We had a “practice” choir and I conducted that for 3 years. And also I sung in top choirs of Latvia for almost 6 years and traveled all around the world. It was fun and great experience to work with all these talented musicians. Choir music plays a big part in my life. Still. Maybe one day I will get back to my roots and mix electronic music with choir music.

From your track, which one is your most favorite song?

I think Love to you. I recorded this track on the second day after I returned in Riga from New York. I was so inspired by the city and life style there. I was hypnotized. And this style and concept is what I really feel right now so there is no doubt that LTY has a big impact in my life.

From all your jobs, which one you like the most, being actor, model, singer or something else?

Music. Always music. But all these professions are very related to each other. I like every experience. Being as a musical actor, being as a model.

What makes Markus Riva become so big right now? How did you get all of those talents?

Well, I have mountains to reach and wouldn’t clime myself as a big. But let’s talk after few years, ha ha. I work a lot. I don’t do weekend or weekdays. I rest when I can, but I have my dream glasses on all the time. So there is no time to wait or rest.

How does it feel for being famous at the young age?

I am 23 and on Oct. 2nd I will be 24. I still feel young and felt young when I was 16 and will fell young at age 40. Fame is not what I am looking for. I love to create, I love the process of making some kind of art. I love to live my dream.

Check out Markus Riva's Official Web @ or

Link to Markus Riva's vids :


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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Just Some Shoes Sketches

After some break from making shoes design for a moment, now I try to create that again. Maybe these pictures were just some rough sketches of mine, but I hope you like it. I don't give some colors because colors are optional and depend on our own desire...

Lace up boots with leather layer covering the upperside. Backsides are open.

Low boots with double buckles at the bottom and upperside.

Low boots with double buckles in the middle and upperside. Backsides are open.


Friday, September 3, 2010

Interview With Matthew Hartwig

This is my second chance to have an interview session with some friend. This time I have a great opportunity to do that with Matthew Hartwig. We all know that Matthew has a modeling and acting career in the USA. For complete story, check our interview out…

Tell me a little bit about your starting career in modeling?

I started modeling at age 18. My first photo shoot was with Dirty Dog Denim. Since then I have been hired to work with Michael Perez, J. Garner and Eric Gregory, to name a few. I have also walked in Seattle Fashion Week the last two years.

What brings you to stardom? How did you start your acting career? Your first movie in your acting career?

I have enjoyed some acting classes in LA with Steven Lowe but have yet to be cast in a movie. My most recent job was filming a music video with Go Periscope for their music video "Crush Me".

What kind of food you love to cook?

I LOVE food. I love trying out new ethnicities and spicing up food. I love to grill, bbq, saute, roast, bake, if it's done in the kitchen, I love it! I have too many favorites to count but I love anything with rosemary, coconut, lavender, sage, curry and most importantly...BBQ sauce.

The place you love to hang out?

My favorite "place" to hang out is with my family. I also enjoy spending time at the airport because I love that feeling of anticipation of going somewhere exciting and being on an adventure!

Which one you choose between having some party or just sit at home and watch your fave channel?

At home. hanging out with the family, cooking dinner or watching a movie. Being at home is always a great place!

Have you ever feel nervous when you have to speak in front of the people as a host?

Of course, but I just put my game face on and go for it.

How many times a week you go to the gym for working out?

I go to the gym 2-3 times a week and spend the other days jogging outside, riding horses and swimming.

Your biggest dream?

My biggest dream is to be able to take my family-to-be around the world with my modeling and acting career. I would also love to design a modern/european castle to live in.

Do you live in healthy way, how to keep your body healthy?

Yes, growing up my dad had a huge garden, so I love to use fresh produce and spices in the kitchen. I love soaking up the sun and being outdoors.

How do you feel doing some multitasking job?

I love multitasking because it keeps my mind in the zone and the job remains exciting rather than becoming bored with doing one thing over and over again.

Special thanks to Matthew Hartwig for the share.

Follow Matthew’s page @

Monday, August 30, 2010

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! : Felix Schopgens

I remember a year ago at the same date, I wished a happy birthday to Felix Schopgens. Here’s one of my b’day card that I made myself for him last year.

Felix Schopgens is one of a Ford model. I will not show you his stats because you can find it in Ford Agency or another fashion sites. All I want to say is.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FELIX!!!!....

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

In A Glimpse : Jember Fashion Carnaval 2010

JFC or also known as Jember Fashion Carnaval, has been helded for the 9th time. This year JFC took a theme of "WORLD TREASURE". It was helded on August 8, 2010. This year JFC try to reveal the existence of the natural phenomenon and ancient, present and future civilization. The event took place in Jember city, one of a region of East Java province, Indonesia. The show using the longest runway, 3,6 km along the streets, with 600 participants and thousands of attendances, medias, photographers and observers . The runway setting made JFC as one of the most unique, fantastic and spectacular runway show in the world.  

Princess of The Apocalypse

Queen of The Toraja

Princess of The Toraja

Desire of Kabuki

Queen of the Thailand

Beautiful Girl Mongol

For more about Jember Fashion Carnaval event, please visit

All pictures are the courtesy of Jember Fashion Carnaval.

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Designer Profile : Neni Fitria

Neni Fitria, a young talented fashion designer based in Bali, as you can see one of her creative design in this blog, has an amazing story to tell you. If you really want to know more about her, just check this preview of her journey of finding art. May her story inspires you fashion people..

Science does need a taste of art. For Neni, her art sense was always waiting to be explored. She started her career as an IT programmer after she graduated from Engineering High School years ago. That was a career her parents always wanted her to have, not becoming a tailor like them.

Neni made a good fortune on her IT career. Her career has gone up from a local government office to multinational companies in Jakarta starting as a web programmer then finally to a web master. Eventhough she never learned how to design a web, pretty sure it was her art sense driving her to success. She almost made her move to higher path of career by accepting an offer to move to an international company in Singapore and Frankfurt but she didn’t do it. Her father didn’t want her to be far away as she was the only daughter in the family. But something always happen for a reason.

She then took a break from her career and went holiday to Bali for a month, then end up getting job. Because it was a small island and there weren’t many big IT companies, she got a graphic designer job in a small garment. Times by and her boss trusted her to be in charge in production, and that was her starting point in fashion industry. She then spent 4 years learning everything about fabrics, material, design, cutting, and especially about beads. She fell in love in fashion design and started to design her daily wear.

Find out more about her @

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Brief Interview with Nick Hissom

I have a great opportunity to generate an interview with my model friend, Nick Hissom. Nick has celebrated his 18th birthday last month and now on the way to enter his first year at the University of Pennsylvania. For the complete story, check these out...

How does it feel having a birthday at the same time with US Independence Day commemoration?

Having a birthday on July 4th is fantastic!! There are always fireworks and people are always in a good mood. As a matter of fact, my Dad almost named me Indie because of my unique birthday!!

What’s the rule of your life to be followed?

The basic thing in my life which underlies everything I do is, "be good to people if you want people to be good to you"

Are you a homie boy or kinda adventurous?

I'm very adventurous, hence why I decided on a totally new country, school and lifestyle at aged 15.

Are you taking a study in University already? If not yet what would you take as a major in your future study?

I'm studying advanced Russian Tsarist history, French and Psychology at The University of Pennsylvania as of September

The place you love to live?

I love living in both NY and London

Special thanks to Nick Hissom for the share with us…

Photographed by: Kai Z Feng and Joseph Bleu
Follow Nick on :
or Ask Nick through Formspring :

Saturday, August 14, 2010

One of A New Design by Neni Fitria

As I promise you before, here goes La Negra from Neni Fitria, a new talented designer based in Bali with one of her work. I took this from

You can start to order this stuff to complete your clothing collection, just put this code OG1001 in your order form, to have your free shipping for you who live in Indonesia.
Laso Top
How can you measure a line? With Laso Top, a line will perfect you. With the beads following it, Laso Top is a luxury of being relaxful. It’s an elegant top with elegant details that will suit you. The back is strapless, and it feels very comfortable. You can find it in 3 choices of colours : Black, white, and red.

Material : Rayon Jersey
Created by : Neni Fitria
Photographed by : Intania Salsa
Posted by : Yoogha1725