Friday, December 24, 2010

Interview With Delaney - Fashion Blogger

I have a great moment with one of my blogger friend. We share each other story and these she wants to tell us all.. :)

Tell me a little bit about your daily activity?

Being a minor, I go to school six hours, five days a week. At home, after a few hours of homework (with numerous distractions), I relax on the couch, blogging, emailing, or, I must admit, Facebooking.  On weekends, I bop around, sometimes going shopping downtown or going out to lunch.

How do you find blogging can support your career?

Right now I make no money off of my blog, but I do hope in the future I might. It certainly would be nice.


What is the most interesting thing about the fashion world to you?

I guess it would be the fast-paced change of it all. When I watch a documentary about fashion, I am always amazed as to how quickly and with what ease things change. Within a day, models are cast, new trends are "out" or "in" and countless decisions are made. Also, with each season comes a new wave of trends and styles that makes things almost impossible to track. It's fascinating.

Who is your fashion idol? Why do you idolize him/her?

Just one? That's impossible for me! I idolize people like Bianca Jagger and Coco Chanel for bringing their own twist to the fashion world. But I also idolize photographers like Scott Schuman and Yvan Rodic for bringing street style to me and other fashion lovers around the world. I get more inspiration from street style bloggers than anyone else, probably because it is one of those "from the people, for the people" kinds of things.

What is one dream of yours that has not been fulfilled?

Well, I have numerous! One big dream of mine is to go to Columbia University in New York in a couple of years. I have no idea what I want to study (probably journalism), but I know NYC would be the perfect backdrop to my new life.

What is on your mind when you wake up in the morning? What is your big plan for each day?

Almost everyday I have something in particular on my mind when I wake up. Morning is my most productive time, so I often make a list in my head. Be it snapping some shots of an outfit or just toasting a bagel, I almost always have a goal.

What are your hopes for your future in fashion?

I simply hope I have one. I hope fashion is not a thing that I will grow out of or learn to dislike. I hope it will always be apart of my life.

Special thanks to Delaney for her time..

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Delaney said...

Thanks so much, Yoga! It's a lovely interview! I had a great time working with you!