Friday, August 20, 2010

Designer Profile : Neni Fitria

Neni Fitria, a young talented fashion designer based in Bali, as you can see one of her creative design in this blog, has an amazing story to tell you. If you really want to know more about her, just check this preview of her journey of finding art. May her story inspires you fashion people..

Science does need a taste of art. For Neni, her art sense was always waiting to be explored. She started her career as an IT programmer after she graduated from Engineering High School years ago. That was a career her parents always wanted her to have, not becoming a tailor like them.

Neni made a good fortune on her IT career. Her career has gone up from a local government office to multinational companies in Jakarta starting as a web programmer then finally to a web master. Eventhough she never learned how to design a web, pretty sure it was her art sense driving her to success. She almost made her move to higher path of career by accepting an offer to move to an international company in Singapore and Frankfurt but she didn’t do it. Her father didn’t want her to be far away as she was the only daughter in the family. But something always happen for a reason.

She then took a break from her career and went holiday to Bali for a month, then end up getting job. Because it was a small island and there weren’t many big IT companies, she got a graphic designer job in a small garment. Times by and her boss trusted her to be in charge in production, and that was her starting point in fashion industry. She then spent 4 years learning everything about fabrics, material, design, cutting, and especially about beads. She fell in love in fashion design and started to design her daily wear.

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