Monday, August 30, 2010

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! : Felix Schopgens

I remember a year ago at the same date, I wished a happy birthday to Felix Schopgens. Here’s one of my b’day card that I made myself for him last year.

Felix Schopgens is one of a Ford model. I will not show you his stats because you can find it in Ford Agency or another fashion sites. All I want to say is.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FELIX!!!!....

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

In A Glimpse : Jember Fashion Carnaval 2010

JFC or also known as Jember Fashion Carnaval, has been helded for the 9th time. This year JFC took a theme of "WORLD TREASURE". It was helded on August 8, 2010. This year JFC try to reveal the existence of the natural phenomenon and ancient, present and future civilization. The event took place in Jember city, one of a region of East Java province, Indonesia. The show using the longest runway, 3,6 km along the streets, with 600 participants and thousands of attendances, medias, photographers and observers . The runway setting made JFC as one of the most unique, fantastic and spectacular runway show in the world.  

Princess of The Apocalypse

Queen of The Toraja

Princess of The Toraja

Desire of Kabuki

Queen of the Thailand

Beautiful Girl Mongol

For more about Jember Fashion Carnaval event, please visit

All pictures are the courtesy of Jember Fashion Carnaval.

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Designer Profile : Neni Fitria

Neni Fitria, a young talented fashion designer based in Bali, as you can see one of her creative design in this blog, has an amazing story to tell you. If you really want to know more about her, just check this preview of her journey of finding art. May her story inspires you fashion people..

Science does need a taste of art. For Neni, her art sense was always waiting to be explored. She started her career as an IT programmer after she graduated from Engineering High School years ago. That was a career her parents always wanted her to have, not becoming a tailor like them.

Neni made a good fortune on her IT career. Her career has gone up from a local government office to multinational companies in Jakarta starting as a web programmer then finally to a web master. Eventhough she never learned how to design a web, pretty sure it was her art sense driving her to success. She almost made her move to higher path of career by accepting an offer to move to an international company in Singapore and Frankfurt but she didn’t do it. Her father didn’t want her to be far away as she was the only daughter in the family. But something always happen for a reason.

She then took a break from her career and went holiday to Bali for a month, then end up getting job. Because it was a small island and there weren’t many big IT companies, she got a graphic designer job in a small garment. Times by and her boss trusted her to be in charge in production, and that was her starting point in fashion industry. She then spent 4 years learning everything about fabrics, material, design, cutting, and especially about beads. She fell in love in fashion design and started to design her daily wear.

Find out more about her @

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Brief Interview with Nick Hissom

I have a great opportunity to generate an interview with my model friend, Nick Hissom. Nick has celebrated his 18th birthday last month and now on the way to enter his first year at the University of Pennsylvania. For the complete story, check these out...

How does it feel having a birthday at the same time with US Independence Day commemoration?

Having a birthday on July 4th is fantastic!! There are always fireworks and people are always in a good mood. As a matter of fact, my Dad almost named me Indie because of my unique birthday!!

What’s the rule of your life to be followed?

The basic thing in my life which underlies everything I do is, "be good to people if you want people to be good to you"

Are you a homie boy or kinda adventurous?

I'm very adventurous, hence why I decided on a totally new country, school and lifestyle at aged 15.

Are you taking a study in University already? If not yet what would you take as a major in your future study?

I'm studying advanced Russian Tsarist history, French and Psychology at The University of Pennsylvania as of September

The place you love to live?

I love living in both NY and London

Special thanks to Nick Hissom for the share with us…

Photographed by: Kai Z Feng and Joseph Bleu
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Saturday, August 14, 2010

One of A New Design by Neni Fitria

As I promise you before, here goes La Negra from Neni Fitria, a new talented designer based in Bali with one of her work. I took this from

You can start to order this stuff to complete your clothing collection, just put this code OG1001 in your order form, to have your free shipping for you who live in Indonesia.
Laso Top
How can you measure a line? With Laso Top, a line will perfect you. With the beads following it, Laso Top is a luxury of being relaxful. It’s an elegant top with elegant details that will suit you. The back is strapless, and it feels very comfortable. You can find it in 3 choices of colours : Black, white, and red.

Material : Rayon Jersey
Created by : Neni Fitria
Photographed by : Intania Salsa
Posted by : Yoogha1725