Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! : Johannes Niermann

In this special day I would love to say "Happy Birthday" to Johannes Niermann. I made these various birthday cards special for him to celebrate his happy day today. Hope you like it.. :))



Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Interview With Nick Hissom Part 2

Nick Hissom will share you his story again. I believe Nick always has fascinating story to tell. Just check it out to find out more about his recent activities.

What so special about your mother agency? Why you want to be part of it?

My Mother Agency is called The Talent Net, and the head of the agency Claudette couldn't be sweeter. We speak most days and she is always nurturing towards me and I'm sure is the same towards all of her models! It's a small agency, but it allows everyone to be like a big family!

How many agency you belong with and in which cities are they? Tell me which one is the best from all?

I recently signed with MandP in London, otherwise The Talent Net is managing me for placements globally.

Your recent work for Frillr magazine? How does it feel to work with Fabien Montique?

Fabien is a great guy, very inspirational and very relaxed when working. Everyone on set felt very at ease and Joseph Blue (who I have also worked with) was kind enough to be on set to help with the direction and styling of the video shoot.

Have you plan for traveling somewhere else? Where will you be?

I'm going back home to London for Thanksgiving, I'm so excited to see all of my friends and family!

You might have met people from different background, different country and culture, how to connect the difference between you and them?

I believe that when you meet someone from a different background/country/culture than you that is an opportunity to learn. My boarding school in Switzerland was over 90% international students and a very tight-knit community, so I was able to take full advantage of being surrounded by such a diverse group of people.

When you’re back to college (or home), what’s your friend said about you?

I never ask! I know that my friends and family are always supportive of whatever I do!

Special Thanks to Nick Hissom for taking his time in our interview..


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Markus Riva Talked About His Latest Single "QUIZ"

This is my second interview with Markus Riva about the release of his latest single QUIZ. I felt delightful to have another opportunity to interview him and I'd love to share the story with you all.

Tell me about the concepts of your latest single Quiz? The messages you try to tell to your listener?

The song QUIZ is the 2nd single of my soon-to-be-released CD "Songs from NYC" and it is electro pop song with also Latvian version "Kā Tevi Sauc". The song, like all the 12 other tracks from new CD, is inspired by the New York and QUIZ tells a quite simple story about being rich and being lonely. If you have brand clothes, latest MacBook and VIP status everywhere you go (just to have a status, all-eyes-on-you, brilliants etc.) that doesn't mean that you are happy - "no one to share, no one to wake up with - morning is like a quiz, you loose - you win". And this song definitely is not about one-night stands.

Where did you film the clip? Are you doing all the editing process or you have any team with you?

We filmed the video during my stay in NYC last summer with fashion photographer Lars Weber from Germany. I had the industrial vision of the video so Brooklyn was a perfect location to shoot. But the editing process was made in Riga with my production company. We also came up with the idea to make a 3D version of this video so it is also now the first Latvian 3D music video. There are so many 3D movies now so we thought, it would be great to make a 3D music video.

You've changed your hair cut Markus, what kind of style is that?

I changed the hair style with "Strogonovs" company which is one of the most prominent hair saloon in Riga. I am a face of the saloon and face of their marketing campaign. At first it was crazy idea to go blonde, but now I am fine with that and satisfied. Being one of the most fashionable artists in Latvia I have to do more and more crazy things so the hair color probably is just a good start. I have also been nominated for the Most Stylish musician in Latvia for OE TV Music Video awards (also for best song and best video (both for "Love to you"), in total 4 nominations) and was nominated for the Latvian Style and Fashion award this February. So I should keep going!

In the video you changed your outfit from white to black, any meaning for that?

In the video I had more ideas but we were short of time to do all that crazy ideas so we actually sticked to quite simple things. Black and white thing was to symbolize 2 contrasts like loose - win, good - bad, black - white and so on. Life is like that - sometimes there is gray too but in general we are happy - we are sad, we smile - we cry. And we tried to do some old-school stuff with the video effects. And the song in general is inspired by the classical electro pop music.

In which album we can find this single?

This song will be featured my second studio album "Songs From NYC".

Big thanks to Markus Riva for the share with us.