Tuesday, February 22, 2011

In My Opinion : Review Of Neil Barrett – Milan Fashion Week Fall Winter 2011/2012

This Fall Winter 2011/2012 season, Neil Barrett brought the concepts of scuba suit and knitwear to his collection. I saw from the entire collection, Neil Barrett wanted to show different things by dressing his model in sleeky hair and vampire look with black contact lens, just imagining the Twilight Saga on runway show. Color gradation suits, dark and white combination. Plaid, stripes and plain knitwear, until tight leather to baggy and sporty trousers, all mix and match.

Color gradation, scuba and baggy trousers

Monday, February 21, 2011

In My Opinion : Review Of Salvatore Ferragamo – Milan Fashion Week Fall Winter 2011/2012

Ferragamo brings back the spirit of 70's to their collection. In my opinion, I found the models with natural make up and hair style, look very nice. Even some of them look like they’re just waking up from bed, but they look fresh in their outfit. The color of Ferragamo this season are soft, pastel, but also dark and bright. Elegant and slim in silhouette. The pattern some in stripes but most are plain. I pick some pics with some opinions of mine about Ferragamo in making their trends.

Turtleneck pullover, suede pants, leather shoes all in brown, it looks great for me.

Army look beret, sunglasses, suede suit, cargo pants, and messenger bag.

Leather jacket, shawl, with cargo pants.

Stripes outfit, shawl, look formal and elegant. The silhouette looks slim.

Pastel color, buckles coat with round neck sweater.

I like the shape of the tie, it’s unique. And the suede trousers.

All in white outfit, fur layer inside jacket.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Got Watch On My Head

Another work of mine. I made some watch replica for head band's accessory. Using dark brown color for both the band and watch back side, the front side in lighter color. I don't even know why I choose 10H00, but the needles won't move anyway.. So.. no time will be ticking out.. Hehe.. 

Dimension :

Diameter : 5.5 cm
Thickness : approx. 2 + 1 cm

Length : approx. 60 cm
Wide : 3.5 cm

Interested to get it, just contact me through email : yoogha@gmail.com
The price upon request.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rise of the Valkyrie

In Norse mythology Valkyrie means “Chooser of the Slain”. She works for Odin, the head of the Nordic gods to decide warriors who should die in the battle. Inspired by this, I made this one. She appears in many of work of art, including my work here.  

I intend to make these as a decoration for head band. With combination of raspberry and french lilac color, they look wonderful.