Thursday, September 30, 2010

Another Dress With Motifs - Part 1

Motifs are always fascinating for me.. In this dress I combine white satin and gold chiffon altogether. The motifs are the combination of gold, dark and lighter brown.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Interview With Markus Riva

Multitalented singer, songwriter, producer, actor, model Award winning pop singer, composer, host of tv shows and contests, actor and model Markus Riva share his story to me. Following his career really fascinating and inspiring me, and I hope he could inspire you too. Check out our conversation...


You’re multitalented guy.. How did you start all of your successful career?

Thank you! I started my career when I was 4. Of course, professionally it started when I was around 16 and finally realized what I want to do in my life. I have studied music since 6 and there haven’t been any other options to be considered. Music is my life. Music is my wife. I wake up with music and I have sex with that.

Beside Riga Fashion Week, you have another show in different country?

I like to do modeling but it is kind of secondary thing in my life. I started my fashion career when I was 18 and had a long hair. One of Latvian designers looked for that type of models and she contacted me. It was very interesting and not hard at all. So I have been involved in countless fashion projects after that. Now I am signed with Models International in NY. 


Who’s your fave Latvian designer?

I have great experience with designer Indra Salcevica (Salt). We are close friends and she is so talented. She has a great view and ideas. We have worked together for almost three years. Also, I really enjoy works by Anita Altmane, and also London-based Latvian designer Keita. Her shows in Riga Fashion Week are outstanding.

People who really influence your life?

My friends. Definitely. I have great friends and their life inspires me a lot. Unknown people. I like to sit and watch them walking by. Then I can create my own stories about them, even they could be absolutely wrong. David Bowie, James Dean, Woody Allen, and old Hollywood are icons to me too.

Have you ever found fans yell at you on the streets because you are famous?

Sometimes. But I am listening my iPhone all the time on the streets so mostly I can hear Bjork yelling in my ears.

If you have a chance to turn back time, in which period you like to return to?

College years. I had the best college – the Choir School of Riga Dom Cathedral. We were 6 people in class so It was a private school and I really enjoyed to study all the music subjects. It was time when dreams were made. And still I am sticking to the same dreams. Blessing.

You really love music.. Ever conducting for choir or orchestra?

I studied choir conducting and even if it is not my choice of life it was great experience. We had a “practice” choir and I conducted that for 3 years. And also I sung in top choirs of Latvia for almost 6 years and traveled all around the world. It was fun and great experience to work with all these talented musicians. Choir music plays a big part in my life. Still. Maybe one day I will get back to my roots and mix electronic music with choir music.

From your track, which one is your most favorite song?

I think Love to you. I recorded this track on the second day after I returned in Riga from New York. I was so inspired by the city and life style there. I was hypnotized. And this style and concept is what I really feel right now so there is no doubt that LTY has a big impact in my life.

From all your jobs, which one you like the most, being actor, model, singer or something else?

Music. Always music. But all these professions are very related to each other. I like every experience. Being as a musical actor, being as a model.

What makes Markus Riva become so big right now? How did you get all of those talents?

Well, I have mountains to reach and wouldn’t clime myself as a big. But let’s talk after few years, ha ha. I work a lot. I don’t do weekend or weekdays. I rest when I can, but I have my dream glasses on all the time. So there is no time to wait or rest.

How does it feel for being famous at the young age?

I am 23 and on Oct. 2nd I will be 24. I still feel young and felt young when I was 16 and will fell young at age 40. Fame is not what I am looking for. I love to create, I love the process of making some kind of art. I love to live my dream.

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Just Some Shoes Sketches

After some break from making shoes design for a moment, now I try to create that again. Maybe these pictures were just some rough sketches of mine, but I hope you like it. I don't give some colors because colors are optional and depend on our own desire...

Lace up boots with leather layer covering the upperside. Backsides are open.

Low boots with double buckles at the bottom and upperside.

Low boots with double buckles in the middle and upperside. Backsides are open.


Friday, September 3, 2010

Interview With Matthew Hartwig

This is my second chance to have an interview session with some friend. This time I have a great opportunity to do that with Matthew Hartwig. We all know that Matthew has a modeling and acting career in the USA. For complete story, check our interview out…

Tell me a little bit about your starting career in modeling?

I started modeling at age 18. My first photo shoot was with Dirty Dog Denim. Since then I have been hired to work with Michael Perez, J. Garner and Eric Gregory, to name a few. I have also walked in Seattle Fashion Week the last two years.

What brings you to stardom? How did you start your acting career? Your first movie in your acting career?

I have enjoyed some acting classes in LA with Steven Lowe but have yet to be cast in a movie. My most recent job was filming a music video with Go Periscope for their music video "Crush Me".

What kind of food you love to cook?

I LOVE food. I love trying out new ethnicities and spicing up food. I love to grill, bbq, saute, roast, bake, if it's done in the kitchen, I love it! I have too many favorites to count but I love anything with rosemary, coconut, lavender, sage, curry and most importantly...BBQ sauce.

The place you love to hang out?

My favorite "place" to hang out is with my family. I also enjoy spending time at the airport because I love that feeling of anticipation of going somewhere exciting and being on an adventure!

Which one you choose between having some party or just sit at home and watch your fave channel?

At home. hanging out with the family, cooking dinner or watching a movie. Being at home is always a great place!

Have you ever feel nervous when you have to speak in front of the people as a host?

Of course, but I just put my game face on and go for it.

How many times a week you go to the gym for working out?

I go to the gym 2-3 times a week and spend the other days jogging outside, riding horses and swimming.

Your biggest dream?

My biggest dream is to be able to take my family-to-be around the world with my modeling and acting career. I would also love to design a modern/european castle to live in.

Do you live in healthy way, how to keep your body healthy?

Yes, growing up my dad had a huge garden, so I love to use fresh produce and spices in the kitchen. I love soaking up the sun and being outdoors.

How do you feel doing some multitasking job?

I love multitasking because it keeps my mind in the zone and the job remains exciting rather than becoming bored with doing one thing over and over again.

Special thanks to Matthew Hartwig for the share.

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