Sunday, August 15, 2010

Brief Interview with Nick Hissom

I have a great opportunity to generate an interview with my model friend, Nick Hissom. Nick has celebrated his 18th birthday last month and now on the way to enter his first year at the University of Pennsylvania. For the complete story, check these out...

How does it feel having a birthday at the same time with US Independence Day commemoration?

Having a birthday on July 4th is fantastic!! There are always fireworks and people are always in a good mood. As a matter of fact, my Dad almost named me Indie because of my unique birthday!!

What’s the rule of your life to be followed?

The basic thing in my life which underlies everything I do is, "be good to people if you want people to be good to you"

Are you a homie boy or kinda adventurous?

I'm very adventurous, hence why I decided on a totally new country, school and lifestyle at aged 15.

Are you taking a study in University already? If not yet what would you take as a major in your future study?

I'm studying advanced Russian Tsarist history, French and Psychology at The University of Pennsylvania as of September

The place you love to live?

I love living in both NY and London

Special thanks to Nick Hissom for the share with us…

Photographed by: Kai Z Feng and Joseph Bleu
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