Friday, September 7, 2012

Up, Close, and Personal With Alex Annand

I present you my latest interview with my fellow model Alex James Annand.. Alex signed with MandP Models Agency and he's a British lad.. Check out our brief conversations... =D

1. How did you start modeling?

I was scouted by agency on Facebook.

2.  What would you do if you have cast or show early in the morning? Do you set alarm?

Yes off course all the time!

3.  The biggest dream you try to chase?

Get as much work as possible but at the moment I'm at college so it's hard for me.

4. What so stressful about the fashion week?

I have only done LFW and that wasn't too bad it was only a couple of times it was hard getting from one destination to the other one and such short time.

5. How many casting you have a day during the fashion week?

When I did LFW max I say is 6

6. Have you ever found girls yell at you on the streets because you are famous?

No not yet haha!!

7. Do you have to follow a tight rule of keeping your body in proportion because of a client request?

My agency don't say anything to me so it's really down to you what you do at the end of the day but the smart move is is the obvious answer.

8. How do you feel working with famous designers? Are they so kind to their models?

Yes they are very kind!!!
9. What’s your nickname?

Nickname: smilin

10. People who really influence your life?

People who give there time up for charity helping others and people who respect there body.

11. Your favorite destination for vacation?

Favourite place I have been I would say America, I absolutely love there!! But I'm planning to go to the carribean soon! :) 
Thanks a lot for my fellow model Alex Annand for the warm session of this interview..

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