Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cool Stuff - Wayang Kulit (Shadow Puppets) (Part 3)

Wayang Kulit also known as Shadow Puppets, are Javanese traditional puppets. Shadow Puppets was played all night long as the part of Javanese tradition. Here some of Wayang Kulit that seem interesting to be captured on camera.

The heap of Wayang Kulit

This is probably Abimanyu, one of Wayang Kulit character, the son of Arjuna.

This is Baladewa, The King of Mandura. In Mahabharata folklore, Baladewa is the elder brother or Khrisna, The King of Dwaraka, and Khrisna himself was reincarnation of God Vishnu.

I found this old Wayang, the color is dull but still good in shape. This is Arjuna, the third son of King Pandu and Dewi Kunti. He also known as the member of Pandawa Lima (Pandawa 5) and master of the archery among his brothers.

This is Bathara Guru, also known as Shiva, the leader of the Gods. He has four arms and drives Lembu Nandi, his sacred mount.

This is Wrekudara or Bima, fight against snake at his young age. Bima is the second son of King Pandu and Dewi Kunti. His body shape is the biggest among his brothers of Pandawa Lima.


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