Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Interview With Ruslan Kulov

After so long I didn’t do interview session, now I have someone special whom share his short story to us. I’m impressed by his kindness. Let me introduce you to Ruslan Kulov, one of my model friend from Elite Model Agency in Milan. Check out our short conversation…

How did you start modeling?

I was walking along the street and then the scout from my agent passed my way and asked me if I am interested in modeling. He took my telephone number and a couple of hours later the agent called me. We made an appointment and the day after we met at his office. We talked and took some pictures. A few months later my career starts.

The most memorable show for you?

The most memorable show for me was for Canali. The choreography was different than the typical runways. And this made it to something special.

How do you feel for the first time on stage or runway?

The first time was a touch of everything. Before the show began I was nervous, happy and excited at once. But from the moment I was on the runway I felt like a superstar. The feeling was like all eyes and attention were on me.

How do you find connection through your career?

You meet a lot of people, at the jobs and parties. Of course it's helpful in this business.

How do you find benefit on modeling?

My benefit on modeling is that I travel around the world, visit many places, meet a lot of new people and of course you earn money to survive :-)  

One day if you’re no longer a model, what would you do?

After modeling my dream is to be a plastic surgeon.

Fashion city you love the most?

Till now I am totally in love with Milano. It's a very nice city, with beautiful buildings and beautiful people. And for sure the fashion metropole number one.

I wanna say many thanks to Ruslan Kulov for taking his time for this interview session.


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