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Red Carpet Spotlight : Nick Hissom - His Latest Project

It's good to know that I have several collaboration with Nick most of the year, and as the opening of 2011 program, I made another interview with him. Nick Hissom's latest project he would love to share to us all. This time we focused on the other side of Nick, Red Carpet performance. Check this out..

1. What shows did you attend during recent NY Fashion Week and which ones did you enjoy the most?
The two highlights of NY FW were the Nicole Miller show and the G Star Raw show. Firstly, I did enjoy the collections of each designer (tight fitting dresses at Nicole Miller and over-padded knees at G Star) but in addition to that, the accommodating treatment which I received as well as the ambiance of each of the two shows was relaxed, sleek, and effortless.

2. How do you feel about being a guest rather than a model at the runway?

It is sometimes strange to watch a fashion show as a model. In all honesty, because most of the big shows only feature womenswear I don't feel too displaced. However, when I go to a mens show and see kids I know on the runway I do sometimes feel a bit awkward!

At the WALTER by Sebastian Fashion Show
Photo by: Fernando Colon

3. You meet a lof of celebrities, who's your favorite to meet in the red carpet and why? 

I really enjoyed hanging out with Patrick McMullan. I ran into him at the Nicole Miller show and I was surprised that he even remembered meeting me from an event which Farmhearts and Pure Yoga did a few months before. Anyway, long story short we ended up breaking into the Lincoln Center in order to make it on time for a show, very funny!

4. How do you maintain a healthy balance between modeling and university?
It is definitely not easy to juggle everything. Today I am going to be working all night long and tomorrow I am going to be constructing a 30 second 3D animation which is due on Thursday. I basically end up alternating days of outside-school work with days of library hibernation!

5. What separates the NY Fashion Week from all other shows in the world?

The best thing about NY FW is that it's only an hour away from my college campus at UPenn so it's easy to get a lot done very efficiently without having to make long commutes or fly anywhere...

Nick Hissom attends David Barton's 11th Annual Toy Drive in NYC
Photo by : Patrick McMullan

6. What ongoing projects are you working on at the moment?

In terms of work, March will be a big month for me! I recently shot an advertorial with Tommy Hilfiger, for the March issue of 20/20 Vision Magazine, as well as an editoral for GQ Italia. I also just signed on the Special Bookings board at GAME Model Management in Paris, I'm finishing off my mid-term exams, and I'm also finishing off a piece in collaboration with Patrick McMullan Magazine which will feature some unreleased photos of me taken by Emma Watson's newest photographer find Harry Crowder! It's busy, but I love it!

7. Who are your favorite designers?

My favorite designers are Dior Homme, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Burberry, and Y-3. I go for a mix of preppy/casual to sleek-modern in terms of my dress-sense.

At G-Star

8. Which campaign did you mostly enjoy working on?

The most fun campaign which I have shot was VAN DER AW10. The photographer/creative director for the shoot (Kai Z Feng) is a friend of mine and so was the model who was also featured in the campaign, so we all had a lot of fun! I remember at one point we were jumping so much that all of the fluff from the scarves we were wearing was making us choke because it was flying everywhere!

9. Who would you like to work with in the future?

I'd love to work with Terry Richardson in the future. I met him briefly at the Alexander Wang show in September but sadly haven't seen him around since! I think his work is fantastic, so much sex appeal and energy!

10. What are some characteristics any model should possess to make it in this industry?

All models need to have patience, a deep understanding of the industry and how harsh it can be, know how to deal with rejection and how to recover from failure. Other than that, you obviously have to look a certain way and care for your body meticulously. The market is incredibly saturated and competitive, so prepare for a bumpy ride!


Thanks a lot to Nick Hissom for his time and we made such a great time in here. For more about Nick visit his official blog at


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