Sunday, April 15, 2012

100th Anniversary of Titanic

This is maybe out of theme, but I really love everything about Titanic and all mysteries around it. Titanic sank at her maiden voyage with great loss, many of her passengers drown with her. The wreckage now lay on the ocean floor, but the memories of it everlasting in our mind. It was 15 April 1912 when Titanic sank, the biggest ship of her time with four funnels split and drown to the ocean floor of frigid Atlantic. We might think why Captain Smith increase her speed while he knew they were heading to the iceberg area. Is that something stupid or naive while he's a very experienced captain? And why the distress calls were answered by the furthest ship, while the closest one ignore these? And why only 16 lifeboats with 4 collapsible only on Titanic deck with stupid reason of aesthetic?

The Blue Hope, the real jewel of Louis of France.

We all know on James Cameron's movie Titanic, Carl gave Rose a rare and expensive blue diamond that was called, Le coeur de la mer, or Heart of the Ocean. Is this Blue Hope look like the diamond's mentioned on movie? Yes indeed. This one actually Louis XIV's necklace, and this blue diamond was stolen during the French Revolution, then found and cut into two pieces. The most popular was this cut, the Blue Hope. But this diamond wasn't thrown to the sea by Rose. Some people believe that this diamond was cursed, because many of the owners of this have misfortune end of life.

I think that's a little bit story that I know from Titanic. For me it's always fascinating to talk about these. I wrote this to commemorate the 100th of Titanic maiden voyage. It's amazing that it's been century ago Titanic sank. They said Titanic is unsinkable, in my mind.. her memories are the unsinkable ones..


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